What we do

Articulação SUL is structured around three main areas of work, which intend to improve linkages between research, policy and practice.

  • Research and Learning
  • Information, Dialogue and Capacity Building
  • International Engagement and Technical Cooperation

To ensure that South-South Cooperation policies and practices are informed by empirical evidence, we promote, in collaboration with the cooperating actors, the following activities:

  • Research and analysis of existing policies and practice;
  • Monitoring and evaluation of cooperation programs and projects;
  • Studies on public policies and Brazilian emancipatory practices;
  • Facilitation of learning processes.

To ensure a broad and informed public debate on IDC that respects the diversity of experiences and opinions, we support the following activities:

  • Creation and dissemination of research and analysis through newsletters, working, policy, practice and discussion papers;
  • Promotion and organization of seminars, lectures and discussion forums;
  • Preparation and facilitation of training courses;
  • Participation and engagement in global governance networks and forums dedicated to development cooperation (e.g. Global Partnership for Development).

Brazil has a rich repertoire of knowledge and development practices that may constitute a distinctive quality of south-south cooperation. We, therefore, support the following activities:

  • Systematisation of Brazilian experiences for international insertion and exchange of experience with other countries from the South;
  • Analysis of opportunities for cooperation projects with international organisations, networks and governments;
  • Support for Brazilian and other Southern organisations interested in initiating and/or strengthening cooperation projects and dialogue.

Research and Learning Projects

Information, Dialogue and Capacity Building Projects

International Engagement and Technical Cooperation Projects

  • Theory of change

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