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Overview of Monitoring International Development Cooperation Flows: opportunities and challenges for building a Brazilian methodology

This report presents and discuss the main contemporary methodologies of measurement on international cooperation for development (including North-South and South-South cooperation). Aiming to build a monitoring system for international development flows through public budget were raised the main characteristics, critics and discussions about this methodologies. We focus on three central ...

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Country case studies on South-South Cooperation

“Country case studies on South-South Cooperation” on-line book. It includes analyses of South-South cooperation in Argentina, Cuba, Brazil, Kenya, India, Nepal, BRICS and Africa and Nigeria. Published by Reality of Aid and CSOs Partnership for Effective Development. Articulação Sul contributed with the Brazilian chapter. Read here

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Brazilian South–South Development Cooperation: The Case of the Ministry of Social Development in Africa

The article analyses domestic and external drivers of the rise of South–South development cooperation to a foreign policy priority under the Lula administrations. It argues that the rise was a consequence of presidential leadership, growing domestic mobilisation, shifts in the global political economy and the prioritisation of South–South development cooperation ...

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“Brazil-Africa: political, economic and regulatory tendencies” debate

In October 3, 2014, Brazil and the South Observatory promoted the “Brazil-Africa: political, economic and regulatory tendencies” debate in order to present OBS, its objectives and research/monitoring agenda; contribute to the formation of new analytical starting points and qualifying interpretations on Brazil-Africa Relations; and strengthen contacts among participants to develop information ...

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GPDEC Mexico project

In this Institute of Development Studies Rising Powers in International Development programme initiative, Articulação SUL, along with PRIA and China International Development Research Network, produced a Case study of civil society-led South-South Cooperation, engaged CSO’s and prepared inputs for a Focus Session at the High-Level Meeting of the Global Partnership for Effective Development Cooperation ...

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