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“Brazil-Africa: political, economic and regulatory tendencies” debate

In October 3, 2014, Brazil and the South Observatory promoted the “Brazil-Africa: political, economic and regulatory tendencies” debate in order to present OBS, its objectives and research/monitoring agenda; contribute to the formation of new analytical starting points and qualifying interpretations on Brazil-Africa Relations; and strengthen contacts among participants to develop information ...

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GPDEC Mexico project

In this Institute of Development Studies Rising Powers in International Development programme initiative, Articulação SUL, along with PRIA and China International Development Research Network, produced a Case study of civil society-led South-South Cooperation, engaged CSO’s and prepared inputs for a Focus Session at the High-Level Meeting of the Global Partnership for Effective Development Cooperation ...

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Haiti – Um laboratório de engajamento multisetorial

The first edition of  Perspectives from the Territory addresses the multifaceted Brazilian engagement in Haiti, from its leadership of the United Nations Peace Operation (MINUSTAH) and its international cooperation for development to the presence of Brazilian civil society organizations and the private sector and the challenges and responses related to ...

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Picking and Choosing: Contributions of Brazilian cooperation to more horizontal post-2015 partnerships

This article discusses how Brazil could contribute to a more horizontal form of development cooperation based in a proposal for structural and procedural changes to boost post-2015 development. Authors: Bianca Suyama and Melissa Pomeroy Published in: “Rethinking Partnerships in a Post-2015 World: Towards Equitable, Inclusive and Sustainable Development.” Reality of ...

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