This document is based on the “Dialogues on Brazilian South-South Cooperation” held in Rio de Janeiro, in January 2017. The publication reflects debates among government, academics and civil society from different developing countries. The authors present ideas about specific issues on South-South cooperation (SSC), in order to subsidize the construction of evaluation and monitoring systems that take into account SSC practices and contexts. South-South technical cooperation evaluation that helps to generating relevant evidence on capacity development and knowledge sharing can make a decisive contribution to distinguish it from other experiences in the field of international development cooperation. In addition, building  more accurate and adherent indicators to South-South practices should contribute to a more favorable environment for capacity building and knowledge exchange.

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BRICS Policy Center; Articulação Sul. Paths for Developing South-South Cooperation Monitoring and Evaluation Systems. Brasília: Ministry of Foreign Affairs, 1ª ed., 2017.