This paper, commissioned by the UN Office for South-South Cooperation (UNOSSC), aims to explore the lessons learned through Brazilian TrC in social protection and their potential contribution to the 2030 agenda. The first section of the paper briefly describes the evolution of the social protection debate in development cooperation, followed by overall picture of Brazilian TrC. The third section presents the three initiatives: the Purchase for Africa from Africans, the World Without Poverty Platform and the Programme to eradicate child labour. The final section concludes by putting forward possible contributions of Brazilian TrC in social protection to the 2030 agenda.

Authors: Bianca Suyama, Marina Caixeta and Gustavo Macedo

Suyama, B; Caixeta, M; and G. Macedo (2016) Triangular cooperation in social protection and food security: lessons from Brazil for the post 2015 agenda. UN SSC Discussion paper. New York: UNDP.

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